Concept Description

A Standalone container that loads Spring with a simple Main, because the service usually does not require the properties of a Web container such as Tomcat/JBoss, and there is no need to use the Web container to load the service. The microframework provides a standalone deployment run mode. The service container is just a simple Main method and loads a simple Spring container to expose the service.

Operation steps

  • Step 1 Write the Main function, initialize the log and load the service configuration as follows:

public class MainServer {
public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception {
 Log4jUtils.init(); # Log initialization
 BeanUtils.init();  # Spring bean initialization
  • Step 2 Run the MainServer to start the microservice process and expose the service.


If you are using the rest network channel, you need to change the transport in the pom to use the cse-transport-rest-vertx package.